Monday, January 25, 2010

Sorry for the slow blog start in this new year...

On the road (to Baker for Christmas) Drew engaging in his favorite traveling activities; sucking his two fingers while ready a book or staring out the window. Yes, like "true" Hutterites we had the minivan piled to the ceiling with cargo.

Unlike Drew who can ride in the van all day with nary a complaint, Demitri has his favorite activities as well; taking his shoes and socks off is first on the list. That way he can play with his toes, put them in his mouth etc. Boy, his flexibility has me jealous. Secondly, he keeps me busy; I have a full time job finding stuff for him to do, give him books to look at, toys to play with, give him attention, tickle him, talk with him etc. These activities don't last long, just a endless cycling of them changing every few minutes. Whew, talk about a long 10hr drive with him along.
On trips like this, stopping at McDonald's for a diaper change, getting something to eat, stretching your legs, walking boys around their parking lot is perhaps the best break you can talk when traveling with kids.
PS. One things for sure, all these child car seat makers have never sat in one. We expect kids to sit in them all day when in fact, no adult could sit on such a hard surface for more then 24minutes.

There is no bad time to play in a sandbox according to Drew and Demitri; this storage bin of leftover sand from the horseshoe game served as a perfect getaway from all the Christmas Party festivities.

Drew holding DJ (at the Christmas Party) while Demitri applies "the love". Pauline is refereeing in case of flying fur.

 Anton and Demitri advertising (At Christmas Party) for Better Lawn Furniture. Demitri isn't sure about sharing the chair with someone he doesn't know yet.

Drew opening his Christmas present. He's not sure about this one.

Demitri and Drew playing with friends during Christmas. (Green Acres, at Stan and Linda's)

Jonty Vetter presenting Drew with a special Christmas gift... a handcrafted John Deere Dozer for clearing snow off of sidewalks. The thing is meticulously made, finished down to the last detail, even decals.

Drew adjusting the blade angle on his new John Deere Dozer. He spent a good part of a 1/2 hr crawling around, looking inside, underneath, over the top of this new toy figuring out how everything works, making sure he knows the ins and outs of operating it before using it.

Demitri checking out a John Deere Gator (at the Christmas Party)

Drew got all excited about his Mickey Mouse ears. For him it's Mickey Mouse pancakes, Mickey Mouse is what he calls a tiny stuffed mouse that he sleeps with. An inside joke: we were making him a pancake shaped like a Mickey Mouse head and later on that day we were talking about my sister Vicky and he pipes up "a Vicky Mouse".

Drew playing doll house with his new friend Kaylee. So far he can play with most things including dolls on the odd occasion. (They had the greatest time, Tirzah built the house, they wrecked it...)

Drew and cousin Bradley with expressions of accomplishment after snacking at Grandma's house.

After all the Christmas festivities and visiting friends and family, its time to make the long journey back home again. Lets just say that when Demitri finally falls asleep when we travel, you want to do everything humanly possible to prolong this state for as long as possible.

Yes, Drew is every parent's "Dream Traveler". He went about both 10hr drives with nary a complaint all day. Takes everything in stride throughout the day long drive.