Sunday, November 24, 2013

Busy; Jared

He may be the smallest but oh my, the actions and personality aren't small. #proudparent

Sporting Business Class

Demitri posing in his tux.

New Bike Repair Man in training

One of the hobbies I used to have here in Haven was fixing the bikes. By far the best mind relaxer, unwinding hobby I've stumbled across. When we got here several weeks ago, one of the first things folks asked me was if I was going to repair bikes again so after some thought I decided it would be great activity for Drew and myself. Even if it meant spending more time teaching Drew then actually fixing bikes. This pic is of Drew's very first bike repair job; he replaced the entire front rim, tube and tire. He put another used tire on the rear wheel, he properly inflated the tires, he lubed the drivetrain and then took it for a test ride. Oh, what accomplishment glee he had. Priceless.
Yes, I managed to fix a few bikes myself in those few days we went there. Our bike shop schedule is 5-6:30pm weekdays. We haven't had time to clean up the bike shop or organize things; first we need to catch up on all the repairs. Drew has already selected his next project... I can't wait.

Drew's Manicure

Drew's toenails were so long we had to use Demitri's chainsaw to trim them.

Nov 19 - Happy Birthday Demitri

Nov 19th had us see our last 5yr old turn 6! Now we are at three 6yr olds. Demitri has been talking about a chainsaw for the past 8 months and for his birthday he got this life like replica of a Husqvarna chainsaw complete with idle, full throttle sounds and rotating chain. Wow!

Nov 24 - Sunday Morning

This is "the moment" all parents wish for on Sunday mornings; all your kids independently organized themselves and did something quietly while you and your better half enjoy a cup of coffee at the kitchen table.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Nov 22 - First Snow

Welcome this morning with a bit of snow that fell overnight.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 18 - Air Seeder by Drew

Drew built this air seeder from LEGOs. Brand yet to be determined.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11/12/13: Happy 90th Birthday

Today we got to participate in my grandpas 90th Birthday and what a festival it was. There was live music, choir singing, fine dining and desserts

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov 9 - 102% Pure Boys

The boys find it fun to crawl through this drainage culvert that runs under road near where we are staying. The smell of their clothes after a few passes through the 16ft culvert.... Phew!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nov 7 - More then one party to birthday a wear hat

A duck, a dog, a toochka (bird), its Pinnochio. The boys playing with the reminders of last nights birthday party at Breanna's.

Nov 7 - Lunch Box Juniors

The twins in school sporting lunch boxes we got from the under street vendors in Kiev.

Nov 6 - Walmart Men's Wear

Demitri & Brent visiting Men's Wear at Walmart.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nov 6 - Seems like Halloween on the 6th

The boys are into fanahticahs (lights) now; they carry flashlights in the evenings, tape them to their toys and bikes. Quite the fad now here in our house. Today we went to The Dollar Store and got these nice $1 flashlights for them. No greater joy to be had then these $1 LED flashlights. Sitting here with the house all dark because their flashlights can't work with the lights on according to the boys.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nov 5 - School Collection

Teachers and students out in full force today raking the school grounds.

Nov 5 - Drew the artist

Drew's drawing of tractor in field.

Nov 5 - Tech Helpers coming up

Finally got some help on these inkjet printer repairs. Got two machines sitting here needing repair. Their quite time consuming and every little bit of help is welcome.

Nov 5 - Auto Load

Whenver my dad stops with his MPT anywhere near our house, the twins get on as if it was required.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 4 - Board Work

Jared and Demitri drawiing it up on the dry erase board.

Nov 4 - Four Minds are better then one

This math facts gadget is easier to conquer with four minds working at it or is it...

Nov 4 - Feeding Time

Drew and Demitri feeding the locals.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wagon Load of Goodness

I found another gem from last Sundays walk to farmyard. (Jared)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Before "wurst" day of their life

Sunday afternoon our family went down to the farm yard to say goodbye to the pigs that have been free ranged and slop fed all summer. Next day was their appointment at the local meat processing shop.

Sunday's Pose

The gang all Sunday-ee and stood still long enough to take a pic. (Left: Drew, Demitri, Brent, Jared)

Oct 27 Club Ending

At bed time on the 26th I quickly snapped the 5 Club being it the last night before the club dissolved; the twins 6th birthday was 27th so Demitri is last remaining 5yr old.

Siesta Bribery

Typical outcome; when I promised the boys whomever sleeps during siesta receives a special treat, the only one who doesn't qualify is generally the same one...

Math 101

Simple grade school math though not understood by Uncle Sam.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oct 19 - Confession & Missing Detail

OK I admit we had to pull it from the foundation pad up to the main travel road but after that it went on its own. These young guys buying and moving the trailer home were fearless or foolish or both. They left here only to blow some of the rotten tires and break the hitch on the way to its new resting spot 10 miles north of Haven Community. As for the RAM truck, it didn't suffer any damage and is ready for the next outrageously heavy job.

Oct 19 - Guts, Glory, RAM Trucks

For all you Chevy fans, I wanna see you do this with a 2002 dually Chevy Silverado 3500; guaranteed it would require multiple hernia surgeries, a triple bypass and hip replacements. This 2002 Dodge 3500 dually powered by the venerable 5.9L Cummins didn't even flinch as it pulled this 80ft trailer home off the property. I'm not a RAM trucks fan but this deal had me popping eyeballs.

Oct 19: My original Oakwood Home

The vacated (Oct 19th) spot here in this pic used to be a trailer home that was originally my family's first official home in former Oakwood Community. At the time the trailer home was brand new and I remember on New Years Day of 1993 we moved into this home and what excitement that was. We had been living with another family in a century old farm house for several months already and boy was it a joy to receive our own home finally. The trailer by now has had various occupants over the years and was not as new as  remembered it. She's been sold now and moved away.

Moms lil Helper:

Jared loves helping with chores around the house; especially helping with dishes so he can "kotz" around with water.

Oct 17 - Jack Frost

Oct 17 we look out our front window to see the aftermath of Jack Frosts work overnight; he hit hard judging by the heavy layer of frost on the lawn. Let Autumn begin. The trees are turning beautiful colors now.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oct 13 - Sure of it...

Of course it was a Boeing 747... It said so. The sheer magnificence of it was marred by the extra narrow aeats. Shame on Lufthansa.

Oct 13 - 1 of 822 times

This pic is depicting the first of 822 times of Brent opening and closing the seat back tray on the 9.5hr flight from Kiev to Chicago. PS it was also my first flight on a Boeing 747 that happened to have 16" wide seats... Yes, I'm convinced this is animal abuse.

Oct 13 - Papa & the Five Club

Some days your so thankful for the Five Club, other days end with you wondering if there's some discrepancy somewhere.

Oct 13 - Shelf Shrooms

These shelf shrooms growing on the side of an oak in the woods here are strong enough for Drew...

Oct 13 - Puffy

Family walk in the woods in southern Minnesota today yielded these big puff mushrooms. The boys had fun with them. Some actually made it home complete. Drew has big plans for family supper tomorrow...