Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter in the Midwest.

Yup, winter in the midwest is quite treacherous. Being that these are the plains, weather from the south, east, north west can blow through here with nary a hindrance. In the dead of winter it can in a few hours time turn from -20F to 30F. So our hockey season has been great and at times in peril from melting weather. As for traveling and the roads, for the most part our roads and driveways all winter have been covered in a 2 inch layer of slick, glossy somewhat uneven ice. Try driving, walking on that!
Drew clearing new fallen snow off the sidewalk with his John Deere Dozer.
Drew learning to skate on Havhal Arena (the Haven hockey rink). He uses his John Deere Dozer to keep on his feet. Demitri has a difficult time keeping upright on his shoes so of course he has to push something too!
Demitri dressing up to "geh orbitn". (go to work) Both boys like putting on dads mittens, hat and shoes and pretend their working, pushing around trucks and playing. Typical, typical boys to say the least.
Drew doing one of his activities that would make any parent smile; taking a book and sitting down to read it all by himself (or thinks he does). Though he prefers to read them with mom or dad, when he wants to take a rest from playing, this is his preferred method of doing so.
Drew working on his computer in his office. Aunt Vicky made him this house with the play mats and he moved in his furniture; a coffee table, chair and set up his small marker board that stands up and called it a computer. He was adamant about Demitri not going into his office. The computer must be a MAC or something because it kept breaking down like four or five times a day and he kept saying "computer veeduh feext." (fixed computer again)
Snack time at our house. Yes, for the most part I can say "the boys are a privilege to parent and a blast to spend time with."
A winter family picture during our Sunday afternoon walk. Despite the roads being totally treacherous, Drew insisted "papa lauf" (dad run) and papa would run and jump like a clown with Drew trying to keep up, all the while laughing like a hyena. To rest we'd lay down in the snow by the side of road, which allowed Demitri and mom to catch up to us to enjoy the snow as well.

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