Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Прощай Росія Здравствуйте Україні - "Goodbye Russia, Hello Ukraine"

Hello Everyone! It's exciting to be back in the adoption loop again. Oh, its not easy being absent a few years and now going back, revisiting, recalling, re-establishing, redoing all that goes with the adoption cycle but its growing on us again. I know there are so many stages and things we are thankful to have experienced and moved on from but, being that we are young and we should be eager to do them all over again... even the not so fun ones.
We would like to formally announce that we are officially done with Russian adoption now that the US and Russia have severed all adoption systems. (yes, they claim Russian to Canadian adoptions are still working as normal but we can see the strain and extra loopholes being added to that process as well now.) As grateful and blessed as we have been in our original endeavors to adopt from Russia, its time to say "nas-va-dan-ya"(goodbye). On another note we would like to share at this time as well that we have successfully transferred all our paperwork to the Ukraine and will be, God-willing, adopting from Ukraine now.

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  1. I just want to note that adoptions from Russia to Canada are still going strong. It's just the USA that is banned. We had been going through a USA agency and thus were banned as well.