Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Eggs for all and Flooding for some...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter with friends and family. Some of the projects at work demand 102% of all my not-working time and I shamefully admit, the blog is taking a hit from this. Surely, goodness and mercy will follow and allow me time to post the promised posts. I'm not trying to get out of this, I assure you. I get your emails and hear the comments about no 'promised' posts. Surely, this must be something all bloggers face from time to time... no time to post. Some of the projects are now in their completion phase and some time will be freed up for blogging again.
Jen and I had the privilege of going to Canada during the Easter Feiertogen (Holidays); business and leisure being the purpose. Around our area in southeastern Minnesota farmers were in the fields when we returned from our trip. Around Grand Forks, ND people are probably out at their local Alumacraft Dealer looking to purchase a boat to get around their area of the countryside. Take a look:

Passing semi along the interstate.

Approaching the border with Canada. The crossing at Emerson, North Dakota. They had water totally surrounding the place and hadn't it been for sandbags along one side, they would have been flooded.

The Duty Free Shop at Emerson upon entry back into the USA side of the Canada/USA border. Along this stretch of interstate the water was lapping at the edge of the highway in places actually running over the interstate.

Driving back onto the interstate after filling gas and hitting McDonalds for lunch, this pic shows the road disappearing off into the vast expense of flooded plains.

Back on the open road doing 81mph (or was it 75mph) one wrong move would have sent you skimming along the water's surface before the doorhandles of the minivan would have been the flood level indicator. I admit it is a bit freaky to be surrounded by water on all sides like this and your hurling along at such speed that your chance of avoiding getting your underwear wet during any unexpected exiting of the freeway is next to nil.

Here the water is running across the interstate already so they have one lane blocked off. They said the Flood of 1997 was the flood of the century, but this year, 2009 definitely has a chance to beat that record.

Flooded plains as far as the eye can see.

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