Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog Access Further Details

More specific info on accessing blogs: If you are accessing a blog like this that has been restricted to invited readers, and you are using a email address "other" than a Gmail address, then you are merely accessing this blog on a 30 day visitor pass. Meaning that unless you get yourself a gmail acount (also known as google account) and get reinvited you will no longer be able to view the blog after 30 days.
For your information: a gmail address (also known as google account) is good for ALL google services and there are many of them including setting up blogs on (aka
I know... I sound like I work for Google but I don't. I do however believe in the trend that computing is moving to the clouds... literally, all computer services are moving up into the clouds and the "fat client" PC as we know it today will be toast in 5 yrs or less.

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