Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The last Wednesday before Saturday.

Since this blog started out in beta version a week before the trip, I'm trying to post progress towards the trip each day this week. I admit, not much to report today. We were in Rochester (our fair city, as click and clack would say) today getting odds and ends for the trip. We recalled all the wishes we had from the previous trip and tried to remedy them; like last time we were there it seemed we were always hungry and would have paid $10 for a can of tuna and a few crackers at 12:08am at night. So we got various items of non-perishables rounded up. In a foreign country where the language barrier puts enough stress on you to not want to leave your hotel room, such minor tasks as getting something to eat can be daunting tasks.

From our first trip in November when we met Drew for the first time, I will never forget holding him on my lap and watching him eat Organic Animal Crackers we got from HyVee; just holding this perfect child, watching him, the idea of him being there free for the taking, happens to be one of the most touching moments of our adoption process.

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