Friday, March 20, 2009


The time is finally here, tomorrow we travel!!

March 21, Saturday.

2:35 pm - Leave MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul) (1.5 hr flight)

4:05 pm - Arrive at O'Hare in Chicago

5:25 pm - Leave Chicago O'Hare (9hr 45 min flight)

March 22, Sunday

11:10 am - Arrive at Domodedovo Airport, Moscow

10:15 pm - Leave Domodedovo (4 hour flight)

March 23, Monday

6:20 am - Arrive Novokuznetsk

We will be met at the airport by our coordinator and taxi driver and taken to our hotel. At 9:00 am they will pick us up again and take us to the orphanage (1 hour drive). We'll be at the orphanage from 10:00 to 12:00. We're then taken back to our hotel where we are on our own until the next day, 9:00. So we can walk around, tour the city or just sleep.

March 24, Tuesday

Just like the previous day, Monday, except that today we sign papers to accept our referral.

March 25, Wednesday

7:40 am - Leave Novokuznetsk via Siberian Airlines (4 hr 35 min flight)

8:15 am - Arrive Domodedovo Airport, Moscow

1:30 pm - Leave Domodedovo (11 hour flight)

4:30 pm - Arrive Chicago O'Hare

7:40 pm - Leave Chicago O'Hare (1.5 hr flight)

9:10 pm - Arrive MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

This is the plan.

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