Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday... the Day of Packing

The time was 3:23pm March 19, 2009, I was holding my ear to the floor in my classroom for the 37th time and to my delight I hear the distant thundering of the horses hooves on the hard-packed gravel road! Surely this must be the StageCoach Express with the 2-Day Express Parcel! Woohoo... the parcel that arrived contained our Passports with the appropriate Travel Visa's attached!

Since both the family we will be traveling with (who are also meeting a child) and ourselves having all been there on previous trips, one anticipates a smoother, less eventful trip; you know what to expect, you know the process, the culture, the food, the hotels... may the visitation & playtime with the boys be the highlight of this trip. Sure it was last time, but when your in sheer survival mode yourself, its difficult to embrace the moment, to be "in" the moment. It was somewhat a zombie state of being after being in the transit system for 36hrs prior to meeting the boys.

1. Official Paperwork DONE
2. Communications and Gadgetry DONE
3. Clothing Not-Done
4. Food (non-perishables) Not-Done

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