Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's the last Thursday before the trip!

Update regarding "posting comments" on this blog; notice the new message about comments now reads "all comments posted on this blog are viewable by all invited readers of this blog." Originally, I thought it was allowing limiting the reading of comments to authors and for various reasons this would have been a desired effect but, apparently not possible.

It's really chilled off here again; we're sitting at 35 F right now under clear sunny, beautiful skies. We are also sitting on pins and needles here waiting for Fedex to deliver our passports which for some reason the embassy ships back to you on the latest date possible. Not sure why they postpone returning it at the last moment; either to make you sweat out the final days of such already nervous affairs, or whether for legal purposes. Either way, it doesn't sit well with me until our important documents are all back in our possession. Jen being proactive, phoned them on Tuesday (3 weeks after sending them in for processing our visas) and they shipped them out on 2-Day StageCoach Express. The tracking is saying they should arrive today but, my experience with Fedex has been one of the stagecoach era where you can't be certain of any deadline they put on a parcel. Perhaps a wheel fell of the stagecoach, or bandits held it up in St. Louis, or lightning forced them to seek shelter, or a train derailed, or a passenger on the stagecoach threw up, you can never tell with Fedex.

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