Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Second Trip to Russia

March 6, 2009.

  Today we got the call for our second "first trip". This one is to meet Demitri, our second boy. He is 14 months old. We will also spend time with Drew, as they are in the same babyhouse. Like the first time, we will be seeing them for 2 hours, 2 days... 4 hours total. 
  We will be leaving on March 21 from Minneapolis/St. Paul Int. Airport, to Chicago, to Moscow. This time directly to the Domodedovo airport, instead of going through Sheremetyevo first. This trip will be only 5 days, from Saturday to Wednesday. 
    Get this: it takes 3 days, Sat, Sun, Mon to get to Novokuznetsk, Siberia, but only 1 day to come home - just Wednesday. Except that "our" Wednesday will be 36 hours long. It's the time zones, Novokuznetsk is 12 hours ahead of us. 


  1. So, you're going over to meet Demitri, (love the name!) but, not to bring home either of them yet?
    Incredibly excited for you!

  2. No, we're not bringing them home yet. To bring either of them home you have to go to court first, which is quite intimidating, we've heard. So, this way we'll only have to go to court once, for both of them and bring them home at the same time.