Monday, March 23, 2009

1st Day in Novokuznetsk,Siberia

Just a quick line to say first days visiting with the boys is now over and we are back in the hotel. Rest of the afternoon is ours to kill. We will post a whole lotta pics and blog later tonight. Its too nice to stay inside now; its bright and sunny outside so we are all going outside now.

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  1. Hi. finely got to read some of your blogs, its nice to be able to follow you along and be jealous.

  2. Hey jonte, sounds like everything is going good for you both over there..

  3. I'm not sure if nice, Siberia or holiday should be used in the same sentence. lol Wish you both all the best! Hope everything works out.

  4. jonte,jen we're so thankful for the call today
    can hardly wait for some pics Mom,Dad and vicky

  5. junty,du host ka ohnnung vos for a storkur wint mu shu zwa tog hom.Es is e wundor dos ich nuch e
    katus hob.Da fotor