Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Places we visited.

This is a souvenir shop we visited today. They had these interesting 3-D paintings (not sure if you call this painting) on the wall for sale. Also, some even nicer stuff with birch wood. You could hear the artists/craftsman working on their projects in the backroom so all the stuff is made in-house.

Arriving back at the hotel after supper in the dark, the hotel is quite a local landmark. The lighted fountain makes for a festive atmosphere in front of the hotel.


  1. I did have trouble posting, but we followed your journey with excitment!! God be with you!
    Love K. Lorraine

  2. Hey Jen and Jonte! We have followed along on your journey via the blog. It's all too familiar! Thanks for the update and we look forward to following your next trip...although you may not have as many pictures since you'll be keeping up with two boys! We wish you safe travels! Allen, Heather, Jeremy, Megan and Cooper!