Tuesday, March 24, 2009

JJW Family Version 2.0 Beta

This is Drew, King of the Jungle, Tarzan, master of movement and all things funny. Last time we visited Drew in October, I was somewhat embarrassed when I got him over stimulated in the first hour of our visit, horsing around. Today, I saved it for last and wasn't embarrassed because I knew its the last time we visit him before court. So they'll simply have to forgive us for being loud and boisterous... Drew needed it anyway.

This is Demitri. He's very shy, not accessible to strangers and cried bitterly when his caregiver left him with such cold and mean strangers as us. He came around today and was a much happier participant. He started some one-on-one bonding with Jen today after deciding she wasn't such bad a caretaker after all.

Our 2009 Year wish is to make a family portrait like this again with all of us wearing our Sunday's best, but that would require us all being home in Minnesota instead of at the babyhouse in Siberia.


  1. Looking really good you two!! I don't know, Jonte, that one already seems to have a twinkle in his eyes that is all to familiar! lol

    We pray that it will all work out for you! When in the court date?

  2. That family pic would be a dream come through. Hope everything goes good for you. Stan and Linda