Sunday, December 13, 2009

Daze of December is Upon Us

The first real snow storm hits us in the first part of December and were we ever ready for it. If you're from Minnesota and don't like snowstorms you're in the wrong state because the weather here is quite unpredictable and can change quickly.

Demitri and Drew watching the storm from our porch. We got about a foot of snow with 2 to 3 foot drifts out of the deal. Very nice introduction to winter 2009!

Drew and Demitri getting right to it trying to get a early start on snow removal that normally happens after the storm.

The big snow pile that gets made behind our dining hall from clearing roads around the place. Here the boys are playing on the snow pile. At some point the kids will make sledding paths down its side.

Demitri (fearless of all living creatures) playing with Duke the black lab.

Demitri warming himself in front of the fireplace after playing outside in the snow.
Drew sporting his Mickey Mouse cap and gloves, announcing "Ich orbit" (I'm working).

One of Demitri's latest, newest activities is sitting in Drew's bed all my himself and reading/looking at books.

I have all but given up on taking naps on the couch; whenever I lay down, it doesn't take more then a minute for two boys to notice, run over, clamor up and want to sleep with me as well. This would all be fine if they would actually sleep but they can't lay still for more then 10 seconds, then they start climbing around, going down to get toys, repositioning themselves, reaching for my glasses, standing up on my stomach... just not a very restful situation at all.
(Note Demitri's stool in front of the couch, he carries it everywhere to get where he wants to go, which is usually upwards.)

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