Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last Weekends Events

Last weekend we had friends from Manitoba, Canada stop by for to visit, Manuel, Janet and two of their four kids, Kalen and Kirsten. Oh yeah, I got to sit back and relax from being the ox that the boys ride on for those evenings!

Manuel being the ox for the evening; he was heaving the boys up in the air and letting them down as if they were gliding down like an airplane. Kalen knew the drill but, Drew for whom this was totally new, didn't quite trust this makeshift launcher and so his glides back to earth weren't as smooth.

Drew sleeping (at least pretending to) in the laundry cart. Apparently, the idea of a human sleeping in places other then a cot or bed, seems totally new to Drew. He watched his friend Kalen sleep on the couch for siesta at our house and a week later he still lays down on the couch and pretends to sleep. During the day they lay down in the carts out on the porch so I guess he's going to ask to sleep out on the porch in the laundry cart one of these nights.

Kalen (Drew's newest friend) having a whale of a time in the basket cart.

Drew (4yrs old) and Kalen (3yrs old) posing with the interlocking mats and strips. Notice the near exact height despite the age difference.

Whoa, we nearly forgot Demitri in all this hubbub. Here's he was posing, putting on the charm, while wearing Drew's backpack. He's got a high mood and a low mood... we're still looking for the mid-range mood. Here he's planning to go visit Babushka in Canada.

Clean bundle of joy: your best chance to get a clean hug or a kiss from Demitri is definitely right here; right after he's been in the bathtub. Every minute thereafter your chances decrease significantly. Oh, did I mention he extremely enjoys the event of bathing. His favorite activity is to see how much water he can remove from the bathtub via splashing, carrying or moving it.

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