Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Drew our Lil' Helper and sometimes Demitri feels helpful too...

Drew enjoys helping out with chores, tasks, and anything useful that we adults do around the house. Things like helping dress Demitri, hanging the wash on hangers, sorting clothes, putting/carrying stuff to its rightful place.

Drew helping with hanging the newly washed clothes on the spider hooks. Demitri (in background) folding clothes OR at least putting them in his mouth for a taste test. He has to taste everything before he approves it for consumption, use or whether he will like it or not.

Drew playing Honey Bee Tree with mom where you try to slowly pull out the green branches without dislodging the bumble bees. The person who dislodges the fewest bumble bees wins. Its similar to "Pick up Sticks".

In the off chance that Demitri feels "grown up" he will attempt to eat his yogurt himself. He strongly detests your assistance with this task when he's in such moments. But, lookout! He may even get yogurt on you if you happen to be too close.

Drew posing with one of his favorite homemade shirts; the baseball shirt. I keep telling him he has wrestler arms.

Demitri so intently staring at his birthday cake. Nov. 19th was his 2nd birthday so we are officially "continuing" the "terrible two's". Taking the picture of him was the worst, he kept putting his tiny hands on the non-extinguishable candles so we quickly took a photo and removed the cake before he did one of his usual mantras of sneezing, touching, smearing, rearranging the cake.

Yes, Demitri thought the cake was delicious. And you shouldn't need a fork when eating cake; it just needs more water and soap for washing dishes in the end. Why not just wash the boy?

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  1. Just to say thank-you for the sweet announcment you sent us here in G.A.! And to let you know we're still enjoying those updates. They never fail to make one smile!!
    Lorraine@ GA