Sunday, November 1, 2009

More in the life of the Wipf household

Drew getting set to start the day at his first factory job assembling power sweeps. We were visiting my dad at Haven Industries and of course Drew has to pick up and touch everything we walk past.

My dad helping Drew put his shoe back on after it fell off in the action.

Drew playing with Alex on an empty furnace crate.

Drew playing with the homemade Radio Flyer wagon at the boiler shop where we helped/hindered installation of a furnace.

My dad with Demitri and Drew on his lap. They keep the scales balanced; hold one and the other one is sure to follow on his heels and want to be on your lap as well.

Drew wanted to play "You Can't Wack my Bottom with the Dollar Store Paddle" and of course, Demitri wants in on the action as well.

One of the repetitive scenes played out each day; to get away from Demitri's persistent nagging, teasing Drew locks himself in his room.

Papa trying to teach Drew how to brush his teeth. Demitri decides he's also old enough to learn.

Papa playing "Ride the Ox", everybody wants on!

Me trying to take a nap, to no avail as the on-deck is full with more patrons waiting to climb on.

Demitri ready to head out trick-or-treating..


  1. So intertaining to look at all your photo's. I can see you're using 'da gonzes energy' (that we're so familiar with) with your boys, and having so much fun!