Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Pictures Please...

The most asked question we get via email or chat is "will you be posting more pictures of the boys?" So to appease all those seeking more pics here you go.

Drew, the Multi-tasker with Demitri (lil' bro) looking on; he enjoys doing multiple tasks at the same time. Unfortunately, he does this during lunch and spills milk or juice multiple times throughout a single meal.

Drew and Demitri building their first house together. The only issue they had was Demitri kept taking walls apart as they were building it.

Drew on his purple cellphone. At the most inopportune times, he whips it out and places these sometimes long, serious phone calls, everything sounds so legitimate. My best guess would be he's trying to call his previous caregivers about all the things we are doing wrong now.

Demitri all bundled up, wearing his leathertops and outside during our first snowfall for Winter 2009. All this in October! It didn't last long; one of those wet, heavy snowfalls when its still barely freezing.

Drew pushing around the new snow with a garden spade.

For Demitri the new porta-potty is nothing more then another comfortable piece of furniture.

Drew making Papa build towers with Mega Bloks at 10 in the morning.

Demitri not only enjoys eating yogurt, he also enjoys putting the empty bowl on his head, on the floor, put his elbows in the bowl, try to get as much of the remaining yogurt on the surrounding area is what the game is called.

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  1. Thanks, Jonte', for sharing snippets of your new life with your boys. It's wonderful to see the adventures you have with them:)
    Blessings Always!
    Fr. Lorraine