Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photos @ Last! Part 4

This post will contain images from the trip home. It seems like 2 months ago but they told me today its only been like 5 full days of being home with the boys. So much has happened since we came home with the boys, I've been battling a nasty flu/fever since Moscow (I've decided it must be H1N1) so add to that sleep disrupted nights etc. being first time parent of two orphanage boys... whew! In between breaks in the action I hurry off to fix a tech issue or two at school, then quickly return to help Jen and babushka (Mary Basel) with on-call duties.
The nights have improved considerably for the boys. Sunday night we let Demitri cry himself to sleep and he ended up sleeping through the night. (Before that he would start bawling every time he awoke during bedtime and naptime and we foolishly rushed to his side each time which is exactly what he wanted to happen.) Drew sleeps most of the night until his waterlogged pamper makes the discomfort bad enough to where we calls out for papa, mama or babushka to come to his assistance. After changing him he is instantly asleep again. So bedtime for both boys is like 90% better after just five days.  I will blog about further improvements in another post, this is getting a bit long already for a picture posting.
Pictures from Trip Home from Moscow:

Dadushka (Ben Vetter) letting Demitri listen to one of the various audio channels available through Delta Airlines Entertainment Setup. Demitri is currently on classical music when we put him to bed. He gets distracted from his not-wanting-to-go-to-bed when we play classical music softly next to his bed. He recently gave up bawling his eyes out to just rocking the pack-n-go that he sleeps in until he tires and just sighs and lays down and falls asleep.

Demitri in his new home, lounging on his very own folding chair. This most certainly would have been in one of his rare good moments during those early days as he didn't have that many. He is now happy, content and in good cheer for most of the day.

Drew playing with magnetic letters on the fridge. Here he is still wearing his long girlish hair. We gave them a haircut and he looks much more boyish now. After the haircut he frolicked on the floor as if we'd given him the greatest gift.

My dad gave the boys these cheap awful looking sunglasses and Drew wears them as if they were doctor mandated prescription glasses. These (worthless) glasses are also one of the most fought over toys the boys have had. The suspenders are another story. He wears them so diligently, and even asks for them when I dress him in the morning and can already say "lahteh".

Demitri after their first walk in the woods, he's like "I think we've all walked enough for today."

Demitri doesn't care much for his own Serengetis, he prefers taking Drew's away from him just to be naughty. He's a teaser while Drew is totally the opposite.

Drew posing for his USA Passport Application after his first haircut.

This is a classic scenario; Drew will be playing peacefully, totally entertain himself and Demitri wanders over and starts taking Drew's toys thus, requiring action on Drew's part to reclaim the piece. We have stopped interfering in these matters as Drew needs to learn to fend for himself in this wicked and unjust world.

The Welcome home sign that greeted our arrival on that cold, tired Thursday night.


  1. Jonte, sorry to hear you have been sick. There is definatley enough going on being new parents, but to get sick on top of that....wow! Thanks for updating with pictures. It's great to see the boys looking so happy. That's what a good night's rest will do for anyone! ~Heather

  2. Many thanks for your effort in keeping us up to date. We sure enjoy hearing from you and seeing the pictures. Your house looks so nicely lived-in now!!! Greet Jen and mom for me.
    -grace and family