Sunday, October 4, 2009

Final Trip: Day 1

Instead of driving up to the Twin Cities at 2:30am in the morning to catch the required 2hr prior flight checkin, last night we shuttled up to the Holiday Inn within a mile from the airport.

This morning we awoke bright and early and caught the Hotel Shuttle over to the airport and without much hassle boarded our flight to New Yorks JFK Airport. Here we have a 5hr stop over before we board Delta Airlines for Moscow (10 1/2hr flight). So with this stopover we have ample time to do stuff before leaving the USA for the "big trip".The red stroller I'm toting around serves as a constant reminder that this trip is the life-changer, that upon our arrival in Kemerovo we will be ever so close to "the" moment. The moment within which they will hand over custody of the two boys to us at which point we will be solely responsible for these two little kids'lives. I have to admit it is somewhat still unnerving for me to think about it.

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