Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Last Hurrah from Moscow

Our last blog post before we reach the USA, how exciting! Today, was a day of waiting with fingers crossed. Everyone went down to Red Square one more time but I had to stay home and await the coordinator who was to deliver our documents. There was paperwork that needed to be done at the Russian Consulate that was to take 2 days which meant that we wouldn't be able to fly home tomorrow. However, being that this is Russia, if you pay a fee/bribe/speed up fee/Rush Order Fee call it what you may, you can have this done in one day. So today we had our paperwork Rushed and paid the small fee as to avoid having to stay another day and change airline tickets. The paperwork is all in place now to be stamped once we touch down in JFK Airport and as soon as the sealed envelope is opened and the documents stamped there in New York, the boys are officially US citizens.
At 5:11pm today our coordinator came to visit us in the apartment with all the completed paperwork. Personally, we didn't have to go visit the Russian Consulate ourselves as our coordinator did all this for us. Everything is on track now for us to leave our apartment at 8am, fly out of Moscow at 12:05pm and land in JFK Airport in New York approximately 9hrs later.
Everything we did today, we were counting down, commenting that its last time at doing this here. So we just put the boys to bed for the LAST TIME and so the evening is ours to pack all our stuff. Our taxi is picking us up at 8am and we are flying out of Moscow at 12 noon.
One thing we were just discussing about our apartment this evening; all the basics worked, we even had soft water. Things like the dishwasher were very nice touches and helped alleviate the work load.
So goodbye to all from all of us here in Moscow.

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