Friday, October 23, 2009

Photos @ Last! Part 5

Hello again: Still battling a nasty flu here but, during a brief calm in the action (my dad took Drew to his house for a short reprieve for us all.)

Drew's favorite position when we play is upside down. Perhaps this is the only way to get a "rush" in Russia. He likes being swung by his feet, being thrown in the air, or swung side to side while holding his arms and legs.

Parents be careful what you model to your children: When Drew needs a timeout we put him in his room. Now when Demitri is bugging him or taking his things, he takes him by the hand and walks him into their room and closes the door thus, giving Demitri a timeout. Not sure where he thinks he gets such rights from.

Drew and Demitri jockeying for lap-time. They are consistently keeping the scales balanced as to how much attention we give each boy, if you give something to one boy, you have to give it to the other one as well or a squabble is inevitable to follow.

A rare moment when big brother (Drew) decides to be keeper of little brother (Demitri). Perhaps with time the frequency of these moments will multiply...

"The ride stops here!" is the message from big brother as he helps Demitri dismount.

Demitri eating Vienna Torte dessert. That stuff must be pretty much the nastiest food you can give to a child in terms of them making a mess with it. (Do not ask me to explain.)

Demitri posing in his angel outfit before bedtime, with best friend his bear and photo album.

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