Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photos @ Last!! Part 2

Check out Drew's first major mischief (on his right side of face.) When we arrived at the Duma Apartment  in Moscow, we were all walking around smelling the place and checking out our humble accommodations when Drew just started howling from the kitchen. He found a spray of Oven Cleaner (Mary Basel asked me how I knew it was oven cleaner, I said I don't know, I'm just going by the picture on the bottle which showed a stove top.) under the kitchen counter and squirted right into his face with it. I mean every adult is still reeling and trying to mentally prepare moving into this rickety place and this kid doesn't miss a beat finding mischief. Our efforts to stem the pain were rinsing his face with the shower for 20 minutes until it didn't burn anymore, calling back our coordinator who just dropped us off, also he was checked out by the doctor yesterday during the physical exam and he said he'll be okay. (he stopped rubbing it.) but you can see how fast this stuff works as its burned through his skin in areas in very short period of time.

Drew bouncing on the spring mounted motorcycle. After hanging out in the clinic for an hour or more, we ventured outside to the playground next to the clinic. Despite it drizzling, we decided that some wet cooled down, exercised boys were better then dry bubbling boys when getting in the car to drive to the embassy where they would end up sitting another hour in the car outside the embassy.

Demitri walking around the playground outside the clinic.

Demitri playing with leaves outside the clinic. You cherish the limited moments of good cheer with kids like him. (He's improved dramatically, after a couple days of endless hours of sitting on Jen and (babushka) Mary Basel's lap.)

Drew on the hoola hoops part of the jungle gym on clinic playground.

Therapy Time: Demitri mesmerized by daduska Ben Vetter playing the harmonica. He is always ready to tap, clap, rock or dance to the music. The red stroller has been like another adult along on this trip; its good for hauling either of the boys and on number of situations been a life saver for just buckling Drew in so he doesn't run off while all four of the adults are trying to move two russiga boys and our long caravan of luggage while checking through security at the airport.

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