Monday, October 19, 2009

Thanks to all...

Thanks to everybody for your well wishes, prayers and support. It means so much to see your comments and hear that you're following us on the blog. This is too overwhelming to do by yourself. We are home now, and are still thankful every moment to be home. It's so much easier when you're in familiar surroundings, and now the boys can finally settle into routine and familiarity as well. Our chaos is improving every day. The boys are catching on fast and Drew is starting to speak a few Hutterisch words now. This morning I was pushing him on the swing, and he kept repeating, "ranzen, ranzen and "shtoppe." (swinging and stopping). When I first pushed him, he laughed so hard, he nearly fell off. It seemed he's never been on one. Demitri was content to eat sand and feel it between his fingers, and go down the slide.

Jonte will post pictures of our first walk in the woods yesterday. It almost seemed like my first walk as well, watching them experience everything. Drew loved whacking around with long sticks and corn stalks. Demitri enjoyed toddling along, falling over at every incline and then just lay there a while, staring at the sky.

Naptime is almost over, gotta go.


  1. Thank you for the "feels like we were there posts!" When you write about the boys smiling and laughing it makes me smile, cause it feels like its a language everybody knows. We look forward to your first visit to Baker with them.

  2. It's so wonderful to hear that things are settling down for you, and the boys are adapting to their new home, (and the parents to the boys :) )! We are so happy for you and wish you the very best!! Thanks so much for the great blogs, it was rewarding to read everyone of them. God bless you!

    From Friends at Green Acres;

  3. Thanks for the updates! It's always great to hear from you, and to see pictures...: ) Heather