Sunday, November 15, 2009

TYO -tya "Auntie" Karen

Last week Aunt Karen came for a visit. She stayed for a week, helped out and played with the boys. Drew, right away, thought she was just great... at least somebody to take him off the porch when nobody else had time, but Karen managed him quite nicely when he tried running the other way. You could see she was used to handling boisterous nephews.
Demitri, however, was another story. It took a few days to warm up to Aunt Karen, and then I think he still bit her on her last day here, when she tried to put his t-shirt on, lol. He had fun squiggling and wiggling while she tried to dress him.

Grandma and Grandpa from Canada also came to visit again, I guess they hadn't gotten enough of us in Russia. The boys still remembered them, but you could see the questioning look in their eyes when they first saw them again..."where have you been all this time?"

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