Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fixed Ox

I had a dislocated rib that Ferber "the fantastic" chiropractor popped back in without x-rays. We should have the blog back on track in a few days.
We had Manuel, Janet (Oakbluff) and two of their children visit this past weekend. Drew was so intrigued with their 3yr old son Kalen talking "huttrisch" all day that after they left he started abandoning Russian at an astonishing rate. He must have picked up a dozen new phrases over the weekend and just practices and practices talking to us in these new found words and phrases.
My least favorite word that he stopped saying this weekend is "shmahterly" which means "look" in Russian. He now says "shah" which is the huttrisch word for "look". So now its "mama shah, papa shah" over and over throughout the day as he shows us different things.

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