Saturday, October 5, 2013

Coming home!

It's great to be back, see our other boys. Ya, I think they needed us already.
Our flight was quite good, those boys are real troopers, even after 24 hrs. Our over seas flight was an hour longer than it should have been and then made us miss our MN flight. We got on another 4 hrs later. It must have been all those prayers sent our way, it wasn't bad at all, it just...was that way. People just kept smiling at us, with two identical (or close) boys in tow. The boys also talked, or tried to, with many people while standing in line. Jared, showing his little mp3 player, saying its his telephone. Then held it right up to their ear and let them listen to "glory, glory halleluya..." "That IS nice music, I like it," said a guy from New York. One older gentleman on a trolley to another terminal in O'Hare, started talking with us, we told him about the boys and that they speak Russian, and what do you know, he spoke Russian! The boys were so excited.
At security they watched in fascination the wand they use to body search you and asked the tough looking lady if they could try it. Surprised, she even smiled and let them. Brent, ever ready to hug, hugged her and politely said, "spasiba," (thankyou). She was totally pleasant-looking then.
On the flight to MN, where we were almost sleep walking already, they were both chatting up a storm with the people next to them and had them entertained the entire 50 min flight. The woman next to Brent, said, "I could take this one, he's a doll!"
In MN, we had to go look for our luggage because it arrived ahead of us on our missed flight. Finally someone told us where it probably was. Brent was pretty tired from walking so we stayed while Jonte and a totally energetic Jared bounced along with him, a very long way. They came back with our luggage, Jonte pulling the two larger suitcases and Jared pulling the two smaller, the bags almost as big as he was, with such a satisfied look on his face. He's the littler one, but boy is he big on the inside. Jonte's dad was there to pick us up and we weren't gone for 10 min and both boys were fast asleep and slept until 8:30, when an excited Drew 'accidently' woke them up.

- Jennifer

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  1. I love, love, love seeing the boys together! What a great family you all will make!. Thanks for the updates of your home coming. Now, for finding your "new normal" with FOUR boys : )