Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oct 2 - States Side Landing

With the boys in tow during our travels home, your in survival mode. The blog becomes a distance memory during such trips. We got up at 2am (after I went to bed at 12:17am) got ready for taxi to pick us up at 3am. We were at the Kiev airport 2hrs before the flight. 6:07am saw us take to the skies for Frankfurt where we had 2hrs between arrival and getting on board for flight to Chicago. All was dandy until hallways to Chicago the pilot mentioned that Chicago has traffic jam with planes so we slowed us down to 470mph then as we got closer we noticed our flight took over an hour longer because he was killing time instead of circling airport which I'm cool with but I'm still not cool with a flight being 1hr 15mins longer then it should have been. 9.5hr flight is a long flight. In Chicago we did the boys immigration papers and got thru security etc all while they had already cut our time for making next flight from 2hrs down to less then one hour by prolonging the flight. We got to our gate for flight to Minneapolis only to have them tell us we missed it. The next flight which is two hours later also was full. But every two hours there's another such flight so finally on the third such flight 4hrs later we made it onboard. Got to Minneapolis at 8:45pm where my dad picked us up. I can not tell you how tired we were but it felt super super nice to get in their new Caravan and drive out of the airport. The highways all new and smooth. Traffic just cruising along at 70+ mph... Man oh man. Didn't know they had roads like that. The boys didn't sit in van more then 15mins and were both asleep. They did tremendously well for 5yr olds on this long trip. Anyways today we are recovering. Jet lag and all...

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  1. Thank you for the update. Glad to hear you are back in the states!