Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 4 Kemerovo

Leaving Moscow at 11:30pm the uneventful 4hr flight took us to Kemerovo City (time on arrival was 7:25am); A nice bustling city with a population of 700,000. Here at the Kemerovo Airport a sign welcomed us inside the terminal saying "Capital City of the Coal Miners." This is coal mining country, in the city you don't notice it except for the smell of businesses burning coal for heat.

The hotel we are staying in is one without a name. I tried taking a picture of its name but afterwards couldn't find a name in my pictures. Its a privately owned deal that appears newly renovated, looks quite nicely kept and has some nice frills such as air conditioning, in-house breakfast. Since we will be coming here with the two boys, (pending we gain custody of them) they have assigned us a room with a living room, bedroom and washroom. The living room is quite spacious and has a hide-a-bed sofa. There is however no wifi or internet in this joint to speak off. We will be depending on homing pigeons to deliver messages, a Traveler's Cafe not far from here for blog updates and communications.

Tomorrow is the big day for us, the biggest day of this trip in fact; the court appearance which determines our custody of the boys. Our coordinator already briefed us on our case and that we should plead guilty to receive a lesser charge (just kidding). We will be making our case, answering questions through an interpretter. We will have two of our coordinators there representing the boys social worker while the other will be our interpretter to the judge. Should be interesting, nervous and stressful all at the same time.

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