Monday, September 28, 2009

Court Trip - Return Home

Our return home this past Friday was way less eventful then the trip over to Russia. A highlight for me was riding in a newer style Boeing 767-300 ER jetliner. I have often wondered if these planes ever change in terms of looking new like cars and trucks do. All the jetliners we've ever been on were the boxy square older looking style and this one we had on the return trip had a new swooping roundish look to everything inside the cabin.

Then from Minneapolis Airport to Rochester we tried something new; instead of having someone drive all the way up to the Twin Cities to pick us up (1.5 hr drive one way) we jumped on a Shuttle service called Go Rochester Direct and got to Rochester in 1hr and 15min, where someone from home picked us up. The shuttle service is very economical in that you couldn't drive up to the Cities and back home again for what they charge you for fare for two people.

So we are currently waiting out the 10 day wait period, getting our house ready for the boys and tending to school matters that the substitute teachers have questions about.

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