Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictures from Court Trip

This post will just be a collection of pictures from the Court Trip we just returned from. So under each picture I will post a simple caption about the picture.

The view out our window from the 14 story of the Milan Hotel in Moscow.

Milan Hotel room service delivers; I can't decide if this is simply to look at or if we are suppose to dismantle this gorgeous display and eat it. In Russia portions of food are never "supersized". We should go back to that as well. Oh, by the way the food was scrumptious!

The impressive Milan Hotel from outside on a beautiful cool evening on our way back from the mall across the street where we had a Big & Tasty at McDonalds. There were five or more eatery's up on that floor of the mall including some American chains.

Arriving in Kemerovo Airport. A sign welcomes you to "Coal Miner's Capital". This is coal mining country. You don't see much evidence of this in Kemerovo City (population 700,000) except for some big rising exhaust stacks that smell of coal burning.

The Azot Hotel where we stayed in Kemerovo City. (We are staying there again upon our return next week.) The name of this hotel is nowhere on the building. We got the name of it from our hotel bill. Not sure if they are flying under the radar or just being discreet and letting their service speak for itself. The lady on the stairs is our coordinator/interpreter in this city. How well she did during this court case one can not know. I don't think anyone could have done better. She was all professional, knew the system, and perhaps a big reason for our success during the court case.

The closest place to our hotel with internet access was the Traveler's Coffee Cafe that offers FREE WIFI. This cafe is 5 blocks from our hotel and we didn't find such an environment with loud music, customers streaming in and out, as much of a place for going to do your email, phoning, and blog updates. So not much blogging was done during our stay in Kemerovo.

Many thanks to the Ethernet cable that we had along to connect our laptop to the hotels internet. It came in handy in Moscow where we never found the promised Wifi signal in the Milan Hotel but, we found a LAN port on the wall and were able to plug into the internet that way. (The internet service was one notch better then dial-up.) When we came to the Azot Hotel in Kemerovo, there was no internet at all but, we found that our Ethernet cable was still useful for fastening the shower head to the top of the shower stall. (the original plastic bracket was broken off.) Tip: when you go to Russia, take along a stretch of electrical wire, cable ties or even duct tape. There is often something annoying like this in these hotels and you'd give anything for something as simple as a piece of wire to jimmy-rig something like a showerhead.

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  1. Glad to finally see some pictures! We had the same problem with the funny! We found a different Internet Cafe which was always a matter of fact, no cell phone use was even aloud. I'll e-mail you directions to this place which was walking distance from the Azot also. Of course, next trip you will be busy with the boys. There may not be time for blog updates anyway.....