Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hello from Moscow

Just a quick hello for those checking in to see if we safely made it to Russia. This by far, has to have been the most eventful flight over here so far. Everything from the Boeing 767 planes computers needing to having their operating system and database uploaded (in Chicago O'Hare) before we could take off to a passenger seizing/convulsing in the isle right next to our seat. We found all our luggage in quick fashion all in good condition upon landing in Domodedovo Airport. Our driver from previous trips, Vladimir was waiting for us, always a welcome to see a familiar face.
I will post more info and pictures after we've gotten some sleep. It is 11:28pm Sunday night right now here in Moscow so we are heading off the sleep. We have a hotel that is $80 a night cheaper then the one we had last time and much much nicer. In fact, the American Airlines flight attendants couple we met coming up to our room, told us this hotel just opened after a year of remodeling. There is a mall with KFC, McDonalds, Kabob Eatery, and every other kind of eatery all in one level of the mall so we wont go hungry here. Very modern mall right outside our hotel. We have our medical exam tomorrow so need to be rested up.

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  1. Hey Guys! So glad to hear that you made it safely to Moscow. Nice that you have a comfortable place to stay and lots to eat! We hope all goes well with the medicals today, and that your travels to Kemerovo go smoothly. We will follow every step of the way! Heather and Allen