Saturday, September 5, 2009

Details about Court Date

Preparations and travel arrangements are underway to go to Russia where we undergo an "inside and outside and through your nose" physical exam with 8 Russian doctors in Moscow, (it's mostly formality). After we pass this test, we move on to the court appearance in Kemerovo region of Russia. After the court appearance, there is a scheduled 10 days of dead air time during which we have chosen to return to the US of A and prepare our house and our surroundings. Will our lives change or what? I have a sneaky hunch we have no idea what awaits our calm, relaxed life of two in our comfy trailer home.

To summarize:

Flying on Sept. 19.
Court on Sept. 24 in Kemerovo.
Coming back home in Sept. 25.
Going back on Oct. 3.
Picking up the boys on Oct. 6.
Paperwork in Kemerovo Oct. 6, 7.
Paperwork in Moscow Oct. 9-14.
Hoping to come home on Oct. 15.

The reason for the longer stay and all the paperwork is - as soon the boys hit American soil, they will be US citizens, and this will occur at JFK in NY, that's where we're landing. We could do it here as well, but our agency insists on doing it this way, which is probably a wise idea, since I'm sure most of us wouldn't really know how to go about making them citizens. There, you just follow instructions, and sign where they ask you to.

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