Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello again - back in Kiev

We did the long drive from Kiliya to Kiev in a nice Mercedes Benz diesel minivan today. Much better vehicle and driver then trip there. In fact today's drive was 4hrs shorter then the trip there. Price is the same, it all comes down to who they find to take you there.
Thanks to our coordinator team, they achieved the goal of making us get back to
Kiev in time for Saturday flight despite some setbacks in the paper process. Without their tenacity, grit, determination, punctuality, and Ukrainian motherliness we could well be rescheduling flights and being stuck here another 3 days. All is well now and we are in hotel next to airport from where we catch the early morning flight to Frankfurt.

the highway between Odesa and 
Kiev is a interstate like freeway where they drive like the autobahn. The roads prior to the freeway were a half decent highway with single lane both directions where they drive according to the road condition and vehicles ability to swerve around other vehicles before hitting the oncoming vehicles. the highway leaving Kiliya for first 2.5hrs is just crumbling pavement and treacherous terrain where you jump, swerve, lurch and roll from crater to crater.

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