Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Driver - finally we meet

Never easy coming to a strange new country. Your praying, hoping your coordinator sent your driver to right place at right time. You get off the plane on time, you find your luggage (which you last saw in Winnipeg) arrived on time in satisfactory condition on the carousel. We are down to final step..  Meeting our driver. Well, there are many many people waiting with signs for someone who arrived on a flight. How do you find yours? All these men in their middle ages walk up to you as you make your way around all wanting to be your taxi. So you hear over and over "tahxee, tahxee" along with a swift hand gesture. Each has to be ignored or nodded away or they follow you till you answer.
After scouring the crowd you give up and retreat to the calm away from the hordes of people and wait in a accessible area. Your hoping that he will walk around and find you. Finally this fit, comfortably dressed man walks up to us with a white sheet of paper on which he had had in long slender letters written with a faint pen our last name "Wipf". Well, it was no wonder we couldn't find him. Jen remarked its barely readable from staring at it closely, never mind from across the room in a crowd.
So pleasantries exchanged we are off... Caption this pic: in Drew & Demitris favorite Curious George "follow the man with the yellow hat" in our case its a white hat.

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