Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our own Jeff Gordon

This is the car and driver they sought, begged and hired for the days drive from Kiev to Kiliya. The 5 hour drive on the interstate like high speed highway from Kiev to Odesa then the remaining 7 hrs on most treacherous roads I'm ever ridden on were all done in stride, no tempers flared during the extreme heat, dust, countryside driving through dozens of villages and towns. His car is made for city driving, not such conditions. Our helper lady wouldn't let him turn AC on so it was window ventilation all the way.
She wouldn't let him use his Samsung Galaxy tablet for GPS while driving to help find the way there. so despite all the restrictions on our driver we eventually zig zagged the countryside long enough to end up at our destination. On the flipside, he didn't know you could moderate the air conditioner cold output and once we realized that, we were glad she didn't let him run the air conditioner.
At the beginning of journey the 2009 Hyundai L30 rode very nice but by days end the shocks were totally shot and creaked and bounced like it didn't have shocks, every time the car moved or someone exited or entered the car.

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  1. On our first trip to Russia, we had to fly into one region and drive to another. We had a 4 hour car ride in which I fell asleep. Apparently, my head hung to one side while I slept for the bumpy ride. I suffered terrible neck pain the rest of the trip. I will never forget that!