Saturday, August 31, 2013

Airlines 101: Lesson #37

Our original flight was yesterday at 3pm but when we arrived at the airport around 2pm they informed us our plane had mechanic problems and was delayed till 5pm hence it would have made us miss all our subsequent flights. Thus without remorse without reimbursement from Air Canada they rebooked us for today. Today's flight was 11:45am so we had to be at the airport around 9:45am. Our good morning from Air Canada was they wouldn't let us check in with our one way tickets because we didn't have travel visas for Ukraine and they didn't want to get fined should the Ukrainian immigration refuse us entry and send us back to Canada. So Air Canada looks out for themselves. Thus, we booked a refundable return flight (in the one hour before the flight) and presented it to them and they let us make the 11:45am flight to Montreal. So 2 days of airline education and we are on our way.

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