Saturday, August 3, 2013

Awaiting Court Date

So trip 1 is in the books (or should we say in the blogs) and we are now waiting for the judge assigned to our case to issue us a court date where we appear in court in Ukraine in the city of the orphange. The court date was emailed to us today and so now we scramble to secure plane tickets and the other arrangements that goes with family etc. Our court date is in approximately 2 weeks! The court case for an adoption can go as quickly as 15mins OR anything from there to a brutal 5hrs like "some" have experienced. For us, if we pass court the rest of the process is a cake walk. After the court case if you get a ruling in your favor, there is a 10 day waiting period within which people there locally can dispute the ruling and this waiting period gives them due process within which to mount a complaint or counter case. So after court we go back home and wait out the 10 days hoping no one counters the ruling. Then barring any counter case we return for the boys, do their birth certificates and passports there before heading home with them.

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