Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Court has reached decision

Whew! Court concerning the case of the twins concluded here 2am your time at home. We had a one hour court session yesterday and today's additional 1hr court session concluded the case. After yesterday we didn't know more about decision then the previous day. The "young" court and I mean young; the judge, the prosecutor and record keeper were all not a day older then 35, decided that our request was satisfactory, considering the circumstance of the boys and have ruled in our favor. So now we are unofficially parents of the twins but now starts the 10 day window of appeal by local citizens. So now we go pack up and go home to wait out the 10 days. I admit, anything court always makes me nervous and this was no different. I was mega apprehensive and on edge. Good thing it was early in morn before breakfast and no coffee yet so a bit groggy helped me somewhat. Meanwhile Jen sat next to me cool as a cucumber and never figured he would rule any other way then in our favor. I suspect its due to how sleepy she is, that the magnitude of the decision at hand didn't register. Oh well, we all roll different.

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