Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For helpers on final trip

For the so lucky individuals (I won't reveal their identity; that's for them to tell) who are coming along on the final trip to Ukraine to bring home the boys, this post is for you.
Please decide where your "vosh rent" is because there is only one shower stall for you to do all your cleaning, bathing and laundry.
I remembered to photograph my session last night so you have a visual guide how it works in the old country back during your great grandmothers time.
Step 1: 4" of warm water in shower stall and dissolve your favorite powder laundry detergent along with an Old Dutch Bleach tablet.
Step 2: spread clothes in solution and let soak 15mins
Step 3: pound, beat, swish, whirl, rub, scrape clothes on knobby shower stall floor, please wear disposable gloves cuz I'm not sure doing it barehanded with bleach is wise.
Step 4: drain water and make new batch of clean water to rinse clothes, wring by hand.
Step 5: find a cupboard door, entry door or string bale twine across the room to hand clothes to dry. The AC helps accelerate the drying is what we found. The fancy wall mounted lamps in some of the rooms make great bale twine hanging anchors for across the room clotheslines.
Step 6: enjoy your freshly washed, heavily wrinkled, mild bleach and detergent scented clothes with a warm and fuzzy feeling about how much work you put into cleaning them.

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