Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept 16th - Biggest Love Story

Italian Luigi Pedutto and Ukrainian Mokrina Yurzuk met each other in a POW camp in Austria in 1943. There Mokrina drew attention to the puny guy from Italy. It was very difficult for him there, and she decided to take care of Luigi, and he - of her. Mokrina secretly brought potatoes to the guy, and Luigi gave his soup to little daughter Nadia of his beloved. During a short walk through the camp, they walked hand in hand, in silence: she did not understand Italian, and the guy knew only a few words in Russian.
When, in 1945, the factory, which the prisoners worked, was being bombed, they ran away from the city threesome: Luigi Mokrina and Nadia. Luigi was determined to go to Ukraine with Mokrina, but he was not allowed as a foreigner. Pick his beloved woman with him to Italy was also not allowed. Leaving, she wrote to her lover the address, but it was almost impossible to get to the Soviet Union at that time ...
They met each other after 60 years of separation again. Luigi Pedutto searching for his sweetheart for many years and in 2004 they met in the studio of the TV program "Wait for me."

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