Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sept 21th - Checking in

Early this morning 7:45am we helped Astrid pack her bags into our taxi and off she went. According to her itinerary she should be halfway across the Atlantic ocean. Those that stayed behind ventured down to the park this afternoon to look around. then rode the Metro 5 stations over to a McDs with the indoor playground. The boys had such a blast playing with the other kids in the McDs play area they would come over to us for a bite to eat then run back to play. The bright side is us parents and Vickie had a hassle free meal and sat there watching our kids play like the other parents. The McDs employee on watch made all parents sign a disclaimer for letting our kids play in there. Not sure what we signed as it was all in Russian. The Big & Tasty burger is larger then what we are used to at home plus it tastes flame broiled thus very good while the fries and coke are exactly like at home.
By the time it was time to head home, we had most of the boys meals left to carry home plus the boys. They were super tired. They walked kid-slow without saying anything. At home they finished eating without quarrel and after I bathed them and tucked them in, they totally skipped the usual nightly chatting with each other and simply fell asleep. Awesome to get out and walk the town instead of moping around the apartment. Moping around seems to take a mental toll on you. We have a great outing planned for tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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