Friday, September 20, 2013

Sept 20th - Status Update from Kiev

Today must have ranked up there as the laziest, blahest day I have had here. A rainy, chilly day in Kiev & us no plans for much of anything. At least, we now have all entities involved with our fingerprint debacle all on same page and doing some extra work in attempting to remedy the situation. Turns out the embassy here originally sent them directly to Washington DC as a hopes of speeding up the process which in fact got our fingerprints lost. As soon as they found out they were lost (yesterday Sept 19) they DHLed the other set of fingerprints also to this wrong place. So now we really have a situation. The proper agency in Minneapolis is now attempting to retrieve them from Washington DC agency. Meanwhile we are sitting ducks here in Kiev apartment. The crew decided to at least let Astrid return home and we will try getting by just the three of us with the boys here in Kiev. Astrid is flying home tomorrow bright and early. We will miss Astrids' always willing and available help with the twins here in apartment, during meals, going to market or taking the boys to activities out on the town. Was seriously a much appreciated privilege to have an additional person here during this time. Everyone in the group found and had their activities, routine or tasks they did with the boys so our days weren't so hectic and we all got some time to enjoy Ukraine as well.

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