Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept 30 - Rude Awakening

So happy for this morning despite our prepaid phone jolting us awake. Well, being it Monday and a chance to hear about status of fingerprints approval I scrambled to find the phone and answer it. Great, it was Olga our coordinator and she must have been awake for quite a while already because she had already phoned the embassy to find out our fingerprints had been approved, arranged us taxi and was going to meet us on way out the door! Within two hours we were all dressed, fed, gone through our stack of papers with Alla (she came by during breakfast) and on our way to Embassy to pick up our visas for the boys. The embassy visit was like 10mins and we have everything set. Back to apartment we went. Now we book flights for home. Hopefully we can find four flights for home tomorrow. Otherwise it will have to be Wednesday.
O yeah, the stress is off now. We can book flights in a few hours when our US travel agency opens and plan how we pack up in the time frame we have left, making sure to utilize reduce use as much of our supplies we have on hand without buying more.

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    Wishing you safe travels : )