Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Final Dwelling - My Room & Customer #9

I love my room here in this joint. I just don't like being the 9th customer to sleep in this bed since its last cover change. aka heeby jeebies. they tell me its wash turn is in the queue.


  1. serious as the smell of a week long worn shirt. they were still cleaning the apartments from the previous customer when we moved in. our apartment is adjacent to another one Vickie & Astrid occupy. theirs is much nicer then our side and it seemed like they cleaned and serviced their side while ours looks smells like they didn't quite finish washing changing bedding. afterall, they only had 2hrs or so between customers. we got everything washed now. smells better then we moved in here. this is same lousy apartment agency who lied about other apartment as well. not cool.