Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sept 12th - Buffet Supper Hosts

There is this decent priced buffet Ukrainian restaraunt across street from our apartment that must get 1/3 of Kiev's population in a single day. There is literally a stream of people in and out of there as you watch. After bugging us for a second day in a row, I obliged Vickie and we went there for supper this evening. I recognized most of the dishes being they were all Ukrainian. There was baked chicken leg, maul-toshn, borsch, meat and potatoes soup, various perogies, and veggies in rice etc. The price was like paying for a McDs meal at home. Food tasted as good as home cooking.
Anyways the reason I'm blogging this is not so much the food as the food ordering. This Ukrainian buah (young guy) started speaking to us in English when he noticed us trying to talk with these Ukrainian only speaking waitresses. He helped us order and explained each dish as we went through the buffet. What a gentlemen. When we were done ordering and had paid he asked us to come sit with him and his friend. So we had supper with these two Ukrainian buem (young guys in their 20s). Very interesting to hear their stories and life experiences. They work abroad and have traveled to many places. Wonderful supper indeed. I now know the secret to all these fit and trim Ukrainians.

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