Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sept 14th - Not exactly bad news

Our translator lady Alla dropped by to discuss next weeks appointments and while she was here I phoned Olga our facilitator lady about the apartment at which time she informed me we are only in this apartment till noon Monday. So we have to move to a different apartment again... I know. Its got lots pros and few con's; for one the current apartment stinks literally. Walk from one side to the other and its like walking through a barn yard with various environments and smells. The one bathroom has no lock or latch on it despite landlord lady coming to see it twice now. Last but surely not least our new place will cost us half what this is costing us but I'm holding my breathe till Ive seen the other place before I comment further. The moving and setting up is never fun because you clean a lot, find a place for all your stuff, where everyone will stay etc. A headache for sure.

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