Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday's - Pick Up Day

We awoke bright and early 7:30am we checked out of the roadside hotel to complete our 1.5hr drive to Kiliya after our brutal day of paperwork chase in Brezevka yesterday. Got to Kiliya 9am and didn't miss a beat; visited the bank for additional paperwork, went to the notary's office to start our petition process, then went to our Kiliya hotel to freshen up and check in with Astrid & Vickie to see if everything was OK while we were away. (Vicky and Astrid aparently While we were at hotel, Alla and driver went to orphanage to pick up to boys and take them to photographer for passport pics. This never-stop energizer bunny took boys to toy store to pick out a toy so that they would be better behaved during the photo shoot. Once we had the photos done she returned the boys to the orphanage and returned to hotel and we all went for breakfast/noon lunch at the green restaraunt.
Everyone enjoyed borsch, meat perogies, juice and coffee for what is perhaps our last meal here in Kiliya. Yes, we have big plans today yet and that includes picking up the boys.... Afterall its only 2pm.
Went to notary's office and did paperwork for an hour or longer. Huge sigh of relief when that is done. This notary gentlemen needs a 1500 CFM air exchanger in his office or perhaps a pair of Croce like I wear. I feel the apprehension coming now... We are heading to the orphanage to pick up the boys. Vickie and Astrid will be meeting the twins for the first time but for us, we know its the start of a huge unknown and sometimes wild adventure; picking up 2 boys who you can barely communicate with and they are now in your possession 24/7 as you prepare paperwork in different cities, agencies, hotels and vehicles. Not for the weak at heart.

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