Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday's Plans - Detour

6 hours and counting... We have been running around this city between the city administration office, the courthouse, the judges office, the records office, the bank as well as a dozen or more calls back to various Kiliya officials and offices. This low level clerk who was suppose to do the deed with nary a hitch is responsible for all this madness. We have had the judge in this city verify and verify this verification of certification and everything was proper. He added his own level of beaurocracy to the madness but somehow we got through it all. Finally, this low level clerk is on phone with her supervisor/boss who is on vacation, and he's instructing her how to make the changes in the birth certificate documents like she should have done 6hrs ago. So we are 6hrs delayed but "seem" on right track now. We wait for her to complete the forms now but then still have a 5-6hr drive back to Kiliya tonight. Everyone is tired, hungry and miserable by now. Its 6:15pm Wednesday here.

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